10 Tips On How To Publish A Journal Article In One Attempt

Although you know everything about the subject, that’s what you think, it is not always necessary that you are able to put it on the paper perfectly in the first attempt. People can help you in writing the thesis with their experiences, but only you have to find out how to publish a journal article. Besides subject, there are a few instructions, if followed, can succeed your thesis in one attempt.

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How To Publish A Paper in The Journal?

While Writing What Should You Do?

1. Whenever you have the content in mind, do not expect to shape it immediately. Before you sit to write, develop a logical flow to avoid a multitude of useless information, and write it down in the nutshell in bulleted points. It will be easier to polish the existing content rather than cutting the extra later.

2. Based on the flow that you have decided, write down everything respective to the subject. Do not try to write and edit at the same time. Everything will get worse instead of well in an attempt to write a perfect thesis. Also, there are times when the right word does not strike our mind, especially when required the most and we end up thinking about it and waste the time.

3. A Good idea is to move and leave that space for the future, write down a sign which will remind you of the particular phrase or word later when you come back to fix it. For example, if you cannot recall word “Airplane”, write down, a manmade thing that flies in the sky.

4. Readers want to know what your thesis is all about and its overview in the very first paragraph. They do not want to read and guess where this contents taking them. Whatever you aim to provide in the thesis, make sure it is explained in the least words in the first paragraph itself. It will help the readers to figure out whether the thesis is of their interest or not.

5. A vegetable hawker will never show faults in his vegetables. Similarly, you cannot point corrections to be made in your thesis. Share it with your friend or SME and ask him or her review it. Based on their opinion you can make the changes. Sometimes they point out very basic things which we ignore while reading.

6. When you are at the early stage of your career, writing a thesis is quite hard is a work of experienced people. But that does not mean you cannot write your piece. Publishers need reviewers for the thesis they are publishing. You can start your writing by sharing the reviews on the particular thesis of your choice. It is better to start somewhere than waiting for the right time. This way you can build a good confidence in you and by reading and reviewing you can gain the knowledge for free.

7. When you wonder how to publish a research paper in an international journal, it means fulfilling the guidelines mentioned by the publishers. The authors immediately look for the submission page or email id on the website which is wrong. Always read the guidelines and procedure mentioned by the publisher on their website to avoid rejection.

8. One of the major reasons for the rejection is a lack of context. No matter how long your thesis is or how well it is written. If it lacks the logic and perspective, it is a waste and will face the rejection at the peer review stage.

9. Before we read the thesis. We want to know why your thesis is important and how informative it is and why we should publish it. The cover letter must not consist of the summary of your thesis; we will read in the thesis itself.

10. Make your methodology clear and meaningful. Do not overstate it with partial data.

11. Read it, review it, fix it and then submit it. You do not want to face the rejection and resubmit it.

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