Research Paper – How To Write It?

Research papers are something that you will be asked to prepare at higher levels of school and also throughout college. These papers can be used for identifying and exploring social, technical and scientific issues. Writing a research paper can be challenging, especially for the first time.

IJAR - Indian Journal of Applied Research
IJAR – Indian Journal of Applied Research

So, wondering how write a research paper? It usually involves 4 simple steps – selecting a topic, researching on the topic, creating an outline and the actual writing. If you still need help, keep reading to make the whole process easier for you and do remember to write a plagiarism-free paper.

Here we go…

1. Select A Topic 

Choosing a topic to write on is the most important step to writing a winning research paper. You must keep in mind that the topic is fresh, unique and pertinent to your class or occupation. It is vital that you select a topic that you feel passionate about. In case you are struggling to find a topic, you can seek advice from your friends, classmates or family. Also, never be afraid to change the topic if after researching, you realize that it is not a good decision.

2. Research On Your Topic

Researching on the topic that you have decided to write on will give you an idea about how to write a research paper. Books, journal articles, web pages, interviews, encyclopedias and blog posts are some of the things that you can refer to for your research. Try to use at least 5 sources so that you are able to gather enough information. Also, look for peer-reviewed empirical research, if possible. You may even want to visit a library, look up online and academic databases!

3. Create An Outline

Now that you have gathered all the information, it is time to create an outline. Organize all your notes and highlight phrases and points as per the topic. As you go through your notes, mark down the page number, author, publishing information and title for each of the resources. While reading through all the research material, determine the audience of your paper, the main points, format and try to figure out the objective of the paper – argumentative or analytic.

4. Start The Actual Writing

Writing the research paper is another task unto itself. If you are also among the students who say ‘help me write my research paper’, the suggestion to you is that start by writing all the body paragraphs and then go on to writing the conclusion, followed by the introduction. Do not forget to edit your rough draft and if need be, re-edit it till you are fully satisfied.

How World Wide Journals Helps You?

World Wide Journals

If you want to publish your research paper, turn to World Wide Journals. Their IJAR – Indian Journal of Applied Research accepts research work from academicians, professors, scholars, lecturers, doctorates and corporate in their field of studies. The subjects accepted are wide and there is also a process of scientific peer review. The publication is not only acceptable in India, but in more than 100 countries.

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