What Are The Different Types of Digital Publications?

Do you know what is the digital publication? With the world going online, there is a lot of buzz around everything digital and this basically means anything that is delivered, via the Internet. These publications are generally branded by a company, such as Adobe or PDF, and their main focus is on rich media display and better interactivity. These publications are more and more becoming popular and people are even adding audio, video, animation, and slideshow to make it more interesting and engaging for the audience. However, the main focus is on its design that should highlight the flexibility and superior user-experience.

Keeping the demand and popularity of digital publications in mind, several platforms or formats are coming up for its support. The most common types of digital publications are ePub, PDF and INDD. Do you want to know about the different types in a little bit more detail? Then, keep reading…


ePub Formate
ePub is one of the most popular electronic formats and it zips together a group of the file to make it into one publication. Its extension name is .epub and it is mostly used for e-books. The international digital publishing forum has set ePub as the open e-book standard. The format has meta data embedded into it and it can seamlessly optimise data or information for any particular type of display. Files in this format can be opened across platforms and devices including iPads, Android, and iPhones. This format is excellent for copyright as digital rights management can be inbuilt into the files.


PDF Formate

PDF or portable document format is an open-specification file format that is maintained by Adobe. The format is called .pdf. A number of software, such as InDesign, Excel and MS Word, can save their files as PDF. This standard format can be opened by anyone, but it cannot be altered or modified by everyone. This is why this format is considered to be safe. PDFs can also be attached in emails and most people can open them and view it.


INDD Formate

INDD is an Adobe InDesign document and it is very commonly utilized for digital publications. It is also called a desktop publishing software and very commonly used to make school yearbooks, brochures, and posters. This format helps to bring together both images and text to create digital solutions for the web, as well as, print. This format can be easily exported to normal PDF, ePub, interactive PDF, shockwave, flash, and HTML.

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What Are The Different Types of Digital Publications?
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