Arun K Aggarwal, Harmeet Singh, Harmeet Singh, Anshika Rana, Anshika Rana


Background: The main aim of our research was to study the role of an isoprenoid compound's (gamma and delta Tocotrienol) in the radiation
induced conditions like oesophageal stricture (dysphagia), trismus with neck stiffness, and cervical dystonia after radical radiotherapy treatment in
cancer patients.
Method: In this study, histo-pathologically proved patients of oesophageal, head/neck and cervical cancer were selected after radical radiotherapy
treatment which presented at Department of Radiation, Aadhar Hospital, Hisar, India. The patients who developed trismus with neck stiffness,
cervical dystonia and oesophageal stricture after radical radiotherapy were divided into two group I & II. Group I patients were treated with gamma
and delta tocotrienol (50%) capsules along with conventional treatment and group II patients were taken as reference group and was given
conventional treatment.
Results: The selected patients were treated for six months with Tocotrienol capsules and evaluated for radiotherapy complications like dysphagia,
trismus with neck stiffness, cervical dystonia, radiation induced fibrosis. The oesophageal stricture, trismus with neck stiffness, cervical dystonia
conditions were improved up-to 80-90%. Other quality of life measures like emotional liability, depression, able to work normally at their
workplaces/ general well-being of the patient were also analysed and were seen to be improved.
Conclusion: Gamma and delta Tocotrienol given after radical radiation treatment for six months have significant and subjective improvement of
symptoms. Moreover, these patients quality of life like social life was also better, they feel good. Furthermore, a multi-centric randomized study
will be more beneficial to evaluate the role of tocotrienols in radiotherapy complications

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