Dr Sonali Someek Basu, Dr Pranav Kumar


Introduction : This Case report describes lung injury due to Nitrofurantoin use which presents as
Interstitial Lung Disease. A 70 yrs old presented with dyspnoea ,fatigue and cough. Previously he was
given nitrofurantoin for Urinary tract infection a couple of weeks ago. Chest X-ray has shown patchy and conuent air space
shadowing in both mid and both lower zones likely due to bilateral bronchopneumonia. There are no pleural effusions. There is
no pneumothorax.
Knowledge of adverse effect is essential for the early recognition and withdrawal of the drug. nitrofurantoin-induced lung
disease has a benign course and respond fully despite radiographic evidence of established lung brosis.Symptomatic
improvement was observed following steroid course soon after stopping Nitrofurantoin. A review information obtained from
North American and European pharmacological database identied reports on Nitrofurantoin toxicity. We are reporting a case
here demonstrating acute toxicity of Nitrofurantoin approximately 7-9 days after a short course of Nitrofurantoin.


Nitrofurantoin toxicity, hypersensitivity reaction, pulmonary toxicity

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