Dr. Srinisha Soundararajan, Dr. C. Amirtha, Dr. K. Saraswathi


Serous tumors usually occur on the ovarian surface and sometimes rarely occur as a primary peritoneal tumor. The origin of extra-ovarian serous tumors is still unclear. Here we present a rare case of para-ovarian benign serous cystadenoma.

Case report:

A 24-year-old nulligravida with primary infertility came with chief complaints of blood-stained mucus discharge for 12 days and irregular cycles for the past two years. The radiological examination showed a huge cyst in the right adnexal region, for which she was operated and intraoperatively it was found to be a para-ovarian cyst, hence subsequently removed. The histopathological examination revealed benign serous cystadenoma.


In this case report, we present a rare case of para-ovarian benign serous cystadenoma diagnosed in women of reproductive age group with primary infertility. 










Full Text:



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