Dr. Saurabh Atram, Dr. Jaipal Singh, Dr. Aakanksha Verma, Dr. Vivek Yonati


Aims&Objectives:To study the role, assess reliability and compare the findings of MRI & Histopathology in mediastinal lesions. Methods: Total 62 patients of all age group with strong clinical suspicion of mediastinal lesions were included. MRI & Histopathology was performed in all patients and findings were analyzed. Results: Sensitivity of MRI in detection of mediastinal lesions was 97.5%, specificity was 83.3%,with positive predictive value of 95.5% and negative predictive value was 90.9%. Posterior mediastinum (40.3%) was the most commonly involved compartment in our study. Pott’s spine was the most common posterior mediastinal lesion in our study 14.5%. In anterior mediastinum, lymphoma was the most common lesion 14.5%. Conclusion: mediastinal MRI has outstanding results in early detection and characterization of mediastinal lesions especially, the extension and invasion of lesions and provides good preoperative assessment of lesions.


MRI) magnetic resonance imaging,Mediastinum, Lymphoma, Pott’s spine

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