Dr Tabish Maqbool, Prof Rauf Ahmed, Dr Ihsan Ali


Introduction: :Since 1970s,CO2laser has been an effective method of treatment of several types of Head and Neck  lesions. Because of the precise cutting and superficial well delineated effect of the CO2 laser, it is widely used in laryngology for delicate phonatory surgery,benign lesions, precise excision of carcinoma in situ or early (T1) tumors, and vaporization of bulky obstructing carcinoma of the upper airway.

Objective: To check efficacy of transoral CO2laser in treatment of early head and neck cancers.

Material and method:Total of 197 patients with both malignant and non malignant lesions were treated with CO2 laser from January 2016 to December 2017 .Out of these, 22 patients who had early HNcancers(18laryngeal cancers,4tongue cancers were treated with CO2 laser.In all patients history,examination and relevant investigations were done for TNM Staging of the tumor and were treated with transoral CO2laser .Type of procedure,any intraoperative or postoperative complication was documented.

Result:Out of 18 patients of carcinoma larynx,4 underwent type1 cordectomy,9 underwent type2 cordectomy and 4 underwent type3 cordectomy and 1 patient underwent type 4 cordectomy depending on depth of lesion. All 4  patients of carcinoma tongue underwent wide local excision with supra omohyoid neck dissection. HPE of all cases showed tumor free margins..All patients are under regular followup . 2 patients with Ca larynx had reccurence.

Conclusion:Our study showed that CO2laser is treatment of choice for early HNcancers.


CO2 Laser , early head and neck cancers.

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