Dr PMP Singh, Dr Sukhmeet Minhas



In this paper, we describe five cases of Dengue fever and Enteric fever co-infection.

Material and Methods

The study design used was a cross sectional descriptive study.


All the five cases which occurred during the period of study were confirmed by blood culture for salmonella typhi and NS1 Antigen for dengue fever. There were no complications or fatalities.


Co-infection with Dengue and Enteric fever has been reported by several workers in India as well as abroad. In our study we have reported five cases of culture positive Salmonella typhi out of eleven cases of dengue fever.


While dealing with cases of dengue, co-infection with enteric fever should always be kept in mind.

Conclusion: The workers emphasize that the risk factors predicting the presence of such co-infections, if identified, will certainly go a long way in controlling the incidence of dengue and typhoid co-infection.


DENGUE, Enteric fever, coinfection,morbidity

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