Dr. Mayank Shukla, Dr. Syed Javed


Background- In this study, we determined serum prolactin level in patients with acute stroke and assessed its relationship with disease severity. Method- This is an observational, case control study on patients diagnosed with acute ischemic stroke in Geetanjali Medical College and Hospital, Udaipur.50 cases and 50 controls were included in the study.Serum prolactin level along with other blood routine tests were done.Results- The mean age group in cases was 60.04±2.04 years and in control was 48.76±2.399 years. Male preponderance was seen in both cases and control.Mean serum prolactin level in cases was 39.678±5.488 and in control was 9.998±0.942 ng/ml, this difference was statistically significant at p value of <0.05. The correlation between serum uric acid levels and severity of stroke on basis of GCS score was not significant. Conclusion- This study concludes that Serum prolactin level can be used as pathological biomarker in patients of acute ischemic stroke but of severity of disease cannot be predicted by its levels.


Prolactin, Stroke

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