Dr Ankur Dharmani, Dr Sonia Kashyap, Dr Manjeet Singh


Introduction: Acute pharyngitis is defined as an infection of the pharynx and/or tonsils. Clinical manifestations include sore throat and fever with sudden onset, red pharynx, enlarged tonsils covered with a yellow, blood-tinged exudate. Headache and gastrointestinal symptoms (vomiting and abdominal pain) are frequent. Aims and objective: To study the acute/chronic pharyngitis in children vs adults. Materials and method: A total of 40 subjects with acute/chronic infection and age group 1–17 years and 19–33 years were included in the study. Physicians prescribed antibiotic treatment in patients with a positive throat culture. Results: In children the most frequent bacterial isolates were staphylococcus aureus in 8 (40%). In adults the most frequent bacterial isolate was pseudomonas aeruginosa in 9 (45%). Acute pharyngitis was present in 16 (80%) children and 13 (65%) adults. Chronic pharyngitis was present in 4 (20%) children and 7 (35%) adults. Conclusion: In most of the throat swab of children staphylococcus aureus was observed, while in adult’s isolates of pseudomonas aeruginosa was observed in most of the samples.


Acute pharyngitis, tonsils, pseudomonas aeruginosa

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