Dr. Omair Aziz Wani


Introduction:-. Leprosy is a chronic infectious disease caused by bacterial specie ‘Mycobacterium Leprae’ usually effecting nerve, skin, eyes and nasal mucosa. Despite a significant reduction in the prevalence of leprosy in India, the social stigma still exists which provides a major setback for eradication of leprosy.Aim: - To determine the deeper reasons for stigma through Focus Group Discussion (FGD) amongst leprosy patients. Material and method: - The study was undertaken at Dr. Bandorwala Leprosy Hospital, Kondhwa, Pune. Focus Group Discussion (FGD) was conducted amongst 20 leprosy patients to explore the deeper reasons for stigma. Results: - Negative societal behavior and a perception of being talked about negatively and looked down upon by the society causes reduction in self pride and self-esteem of the leprosy patients.  Fear of possible discrimination especially after the development of disabilities plays an important role in concealment of the disease of leprosy, leading to stigma.


Stigma, Leprosy, Focus Group Discussion

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