Sana Ansari, Dr. Deepshikha Gupta


Background: The prevalence of neck pain is generally higher in women than men and usually increases with age. QOL is an area of study that has attracted an ever increasing amount of interest. The WHO defines quality of life (QOL) as an individual purpose-aligned cultural and value system by which a person lives, relative to their aims, hopes, living standards and interests. HRQOL has become increasingly important, as it combines the evaluation and treatment of the patient’s perception of the diseases impact.  

Objective: To find out the association of non-specific neck pain with quality of life. To find out the Difference in quality of life of male and female due to non-specific neck pain.

Method: 50 Males and 50 Females between the ages of 18-25 years with Non-Specific Neck Pain were taken. Data was collected by using Neck Disability Index questionnaire and filled by the participants.

Result: Higher the Non-Specific Neck Pain more will be the Quality of Life affected.

Conclusion: The finding of the study suggests that QOL of Females is more affected than males and it is associated with Non-Specific Neck Pain.


Non-specific Neck Pain, HRQOL, Chronic Pain.

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