Mistry Abhishek, Praharsh Pathak, Kumawat D. C.


Background - Scrub typhus is transmitted by infected larva of trombiculid mite in areas of heavy scrub vegetation during rainy season. It is characterized by eschar at the site of the bite, fever, maculopapular rashes and local and/or generalized lymphadenopathy. Pancreatitis with scrub typhus has been described when it is complicated by pancreatic abscess, multiorgan failure with other confections. Method- 26 adult scrub typhus patients were studied at Geetanjali Medical College and Hospital, Udaipur, Rajasthan. Scrub typhus was diagnosed by rapid immunochromatographic assay along with routine blood tests, serum amylase, lipase and ultrasonography of abdomen. Results- Among 26 scrub typhus positive patients, 16 were male and 10 were females with mean age of 50 years. Fever and abdominal pain were most commonly observed symptom, with mean duration of 7 days.  11 (42.3%) patients had raised serum lipase and 15 (57.6%) had raised serum amylase levels.  On USG of abdomen 5 (19.2%) patients had evidence of pancreatitis out of which 4 had high serum lipase and amylase. 14 (53.8%) patients had multiorgan dysfunction of which 3 patients died. Conclusion- This observation highlights the importance of pancreatitis as an uncommon & serious complication, where prompt diagnosis and early management can be lifesaving.


Pancreatitis, scrub typhus.

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