K. Krishnamoorthi


The practice of savings and investment differs from person to person and place to place as the savers have varying objectives embracing safety, profitability and liquidity. Similarly, the motive behind such practice equally varies due to the influence of internal and external factors of savers. As such, there is no single motivating factor applicable to all investors on all occasions. In the Indian context, savings from all quarters are the need of the hour. Though 70 percent of our population lives in villages and mainly depend on agriculture, the savings from agricultural sector is not enough due to uneconomic operations of the farms and same is the situation of public undertakings. Further, the savings of businessmen and self-employed are not stable and not assured because it is subject to the conditions of business. The present study aimed to know the attitude of investors on various investment avenues in Erode district.


Savings, Investment, Profitability, Liquidity, Uneconomic

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