Ejajahmed Ansari, Tirthesh Rana, Raghav suthar


Objective: The aim of our study was to evaluate the functional outcome of intraarticular tibia fractures.
Material and methods: 55 adult patients having closed fracture were followed up for a minimum period
of 12 months. Mean age was 40 years and 85% male and 15% female. Road trafc accident was most common mode of injury.
Most of our patients were labourer. Average time interval from injury to operation was 3-4 days. After proper pre operative
planning open reduction and internal xation was done using tibial locking plate. Average time of partial weight bearing was 10
weeks and full weight beariung was 12 weeks. Average time of fracture union in our study is 12.07 weeks.
Results: average knee exion 134 degree and knee extention was 2.27 degree. Radiologically medial tibial plateu angle was
86.3 degree and posterior slope was 6.94 degree. Functional outcome according to tegner lysholm score system shows 76 %
execellent and 18% of good outcome.

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